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Affliction Filter Applied. Pattern see all. Solid Filter Applied. She did not seem to recover at all over the next few days. Her wound was also weeping and not healing as it should have done. She developed sore patches on her tummy and lesions and soreness round her eyes. Whilst all this was happening she had developed a really acute water infection that would not clear up despite having 3 weeks of intensive treatment. By week 5 Rosie was looking really poorly and on the advice of a skin specialist I knew we asked for biopsies to be carried out to find out what was going on.

The next thing came and it was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make but I decided the kindest thing I could do for Rosie was to put her to sleep so there would be no more pain. I shall never forget hr as she was my soul mate and there will always be a special place in my heart for her.

On the 16th September , she was running to pick up her toy in the park and as she turned to come back, she was on 3 legs. There was no noise; no I'm feeling sorry for myself just this one leg tucked up and Freya still running quite fast on the 3 normal legs. We massaged the leg And used ice and we didn't walk the following day. There was no sign of pain except that this one leg was being carried high and she was protecting it. I called the vets early and decided to take her to our own vet and just check the leg was okay. Unfortunately it was a lot worse. Freya had snapped her right cruciate ligament.

We were amazed at how high Freya's pain threshold must be. The vet told us we would have to wait for the swelling to go down then he would operate. The operation was set for 21st September at The operation we were told was a success although the vet told us it had taken longer than he had originally thought.

Freya was home with us again all sleepy and feeling sorry for herself now, but we didn't mind she must have been in pain.

Is this what they call the language of love?

We gave her plenty of cuddles and love as usual and we hoped that she would feel better real soon. I was working nightshift approx a week later and came home to find that my usual greeting at the front door by Freya didn't happen, she didn't even look up, she was just gently whining and I sensed that something was wrong. I woke my partner as we had both been taking turns at sleeping-well attempting to grab half hour's sleep here and there!! Freya wasn't herself at all, the leg was swollen and hot and the change in her it was upsetting to see such an active dog go downhill so fast.

I came home and saw that had happened overnight and too k her back to the vets. They removed two top stitches. We continued to ice her leg on return to home and were told to keep an eye out for leakage from the wound and to take her back if there were any other problems. My partner is a paramedic and she said to me that night "you don't think it could be MRSA do you? I had never even heard of animals getting mrsa. I decided to call the number.

I got hold of Jill on her birthday she was out with friends, but took my call in a quiet room. We spoke for a long time and Jill called me back to save my phone bill. Jill helped me feel calmer about Freya's situation, explained what may happen, what we needed to do and what we needed to ask our vet and how we needed to barrier nurse her as until now we had not worn gloves the vet either!!

Jill was a blessing in disguise, she promised to call me the next day, which she did and continued to do so throughout Freya's illness, offering advice and giving me contact numbers of genuine knowledgeable people who were a fantastic help in our time of upset- Thanks to all the friends of The Bella Moss Foundation who were so kind and helped us greatly. I even tried to get her interested in her favorite treats and sliced up an apple for her she placed it in her mouth.

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She looked up ate me and let it drop to the floor. She had no energy.

Day: May 7, 2014

Back to the vet and this time they took all of her stitches out on the 4th October , to see if these were the problem causing the swelling reaction. The vet did not wear gloves and put Freya on more antibiotics. The sample came back a few days later confirming it was MRSA. My partner and I were very anxious and upset about the confirmation of our fears for Freya but at last we may get somewhere along the lines of curing her of this awful illness.

I also explained to the vet about our contact with Jill and the foundation, he had never heard of it so I called him later to give him all the details of the website to look it up and he said he would find out as much as he could now that we knew what Freya had. Also their attitudes changed towards us, we felt like we had caused the infection and we were the bad ones, it was awful. I actually told the vet how I felt and that it was pretty poor considering we all should be aiming for the same end result : to have Frey get well again and for us not to be treated like criminals when the greater chance of the infection being picked up was in his surgery.

The vet disagreed, told me they had a locum member of staff and he would talk with her but he never really owned up to the source of the MRSA. Since then have treated much much better from his staff. I did threaten with taking this matter further if we couldn't afford Freya's treatment after the insurance money ran out and he said he would sort it out for us if it did, therefore I guessed that was as good of an admission I was going to receive. We knew Freya had contracted the infection during hospitalization and we even asked for a swab to be taken to find out the strain of the infection but that was never done.

Freya is now starting to return to her old self : eating and drinking and greeting us when we come home.

We continue to build her walks up and have had two swabs back as normal. I really thought we'd loose Freya, but through Jill's positive ness, kindness and help most days on the phone or text, she pulled me through it. Even now Jill still continues to ask how Freya is and offer's us help in any way she can.

Jill is a god send to people like us and dogs like Freya, because if you need information on MRSA it's still a battle to get the right information and knowing what to do for the dog going through this awful infection. It's paramount that the help that you need is available- and thanks to brave Bella and Jill it is!

Freya had an awful lot of muscle wastage in her right leg after the operation and we now continue to build it up by taking her to hydrotherapy and we saw a physio for advice. Freya is not a natural swimmer so it is taking her a while to relax and enjoy it but I'm sure when the leg feels stronger she will stop splashing so much and learn to enjoy her time in the pool.

We also had advice from Jill about building up her immune system and we continue to do this. There is a round, raised soft lump left joined through her second set of scars after her second operation which removed the crimp incase the MRSA was hiding under it and the surgery that was originally done to mend Freya's cruciate ligament.

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December 12th we visited the vet for a check up, he is pleased with her progress, she has even put on weight but the lump needed to be swabbed and now we await the return of the results. Fingers crossed it's nothing serious. We will keep you updated and I know we have a friend in Jill for the help we need and the friends surrounding Jill to contact for advice and we will never be able to thank them enough!

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Thank you and big hugs from Chris and Julie, London. Here is my story. On a beautiful June morning I was chasing pigeons in my garden when I trod on a small apple and broke the cruciate ligament in my back leg. By this time my leg was very swollen, and I felt so ill, I thought I was going to die. For ten day's I could not eat and my folks kept me alive on glucose and water, they took me back to the vet and he told them I had mrsa and I had to be put to sleep. My folks refused. Thank god My folks took me home: my dad slept on the floor with me and my mum massaged my leg with olive oil and I took the antibiotics for weeks.

I could not eat for weeks, my folks tried everything then eventually I remember corn beef was one thing I could eat beef with oxo gravy, as soon as I ate I could see the relief on their faces. Once I had begun to eat I gobbled it up. We went back to the vet each week and finally I was cleared of the mrsa.

I now go for 2 walks a day and thinking back my first outing to the park was only 20 yards it has been a very gradual slow process. I am now getting stronger and I now manage over half a mile walks each time we go out. The biggest stroke of luck was finding The Bella Moss Foundation, Bella died so sadly but without Bella's mum's guidance and passion to keep me alive - I would not be here today. I would love to meet Jill and give her a very big kiss of thanks. Jill phoned my folks several times each week, putting my folks in touch with other vets, giving support and practical advise.

It's nearly 6 months since my accident and when I contracting mrsa. I look back and remember how ill I was, unable to eat, my folks had to lift me with a sling when I needed to go out to the garden. I am so grateful that I have such a loving family and a wonderful friend in Jill Moss who refused like my folks to let me die. Thank you all so much for giving me the courage and will to fight for my life, Bella your spirit lives on in me. Miranda Pasch — Trout I can not thank Jill and her team enough. My dog, Trout, was diagnosed with MRSA two months after he had TPL surgery when they were performing a second surgery to remove the plate they had previously inserted do to infection.

Trout was extremely sick and non-responsive at this point so I began researching MRSA online to find out more information about the virus and assure myself Trout was being properly treated. It wasn't long after stumbling across Jill's website that I began seeing light at the end of the tunnel for Trout. Jill contacted me immediately upon receiving my request for information and was nothing but helpful in getting me the latest information on MRSA.

I have since passed the articles on to Trout's surgeon who too was very appreciate and intends to share the information with the entire hospital. Every little bit of education helps and I am so thankful for Jill's assistance with Trout and have no doubt her continued efforts will have a huge impact on the veterinary practice today. Leigh, Terry and the Martin family — Max Max had been our family since he was a puppy.

He was our little boy! He was brilliant with them he loved them and they loved him equally even our one year old little girl Erin loved him so much and followed him everywhere. On the 17th February our life's was turned upside down. On the 30th January Max had been admitted to Queen Mother animal hospital - Potters Bar where he was diagnosed with a tumour in his chest.

He was operated on successfully to everyone's relief, he was recovering slowly and was discharged on the 14th we couldn't have been happier. Our emotions had been on a roller coaster ride for the past 2 odd weeks and at last we was on the home straight. Our happiness was not to last Max was not at all well on his return home and the very next day he was readmitted they were unsure what it was he could not walk he was very ill. On the afternoon of the 17th we got a call to say Max had gone down hill quickly and they had got some tests back confirming Max had MRSA.

We was in shock we raced to the hospital but missed him by 5 mins and he died. I contacted Jill and her support meant a great deal to us she taught us a lot about mrsa and explained things and helped us get through this terrible time. For that we will always be in debted to her. She even set up a meeting with the vets for us to talk things through.

May 7, – Many Things Considered

Not a day goes by that we don't miss Max and all his little ways and our house feels empty yes we are angry and feel robbed of him but we are trying to think of the 8 good years we had with him and all the happiness he brought to so many people. Robert Walker It was on December 14, that Jazz took ill whilst in kennels.

Jazz a 6 year old Black Labrador Cross has always suffered from allergic reactions and digestive disorders.

Prior to our going on holiday Jazz suffered an allergic reaction to something and developed lumps on her nose and head and her ears became puffy. A trip to the vets resulted in her receiving a steroid injection and steroidal cream for her ears. The lumps appeared to be going down and the kennel owner was happy to accept her and continue her medication. On the second day of our three night break we received a phone call from the kennels who informed us that Jazz's condition had worsened.

Her ears were full of sores and pustules as was her right eye and muzzle. Steroids were prescribed. When we picked her up she was in a right state, her ears were raw and full of dried blood. Her muzzle and eye were also raw. An immediate appointment was made at the vets and as there was nothing that they could do a further appointment made the next day. Jazz was fitted with a Buster Collar to prevent her getting at her ears which were clearly distressing her. Biopsies were taken no clear results and antibiotics and steroidal injections prescribed.