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By Wonjung Choi. By Deep Shah. Literally everyone who has lived with a roommate has a horror story , and while not all bad roommates can be avoided, there are some ways to terminate your household tension before it becomes a real problem.

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The best way to make sure you don't end up having to have problematic roommate conversations is to do some work up front to make sure you and your housemates are compatible. If your home is your sanctuary, and you like things Monica Geller-level clean, then living with someone who throws food and garbage on the floor yes, I lived with this person is going to be a total nightmare.

If you do have a problem with one of your roommates, communication is key to successfully solving the problem. If you can communicate effectively, it will be much easier to develop a comfortable living environment for yourself and your roommates," St. Norbert College explained on its website.

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Don't be passive aggressive by leaving sticky notes, sending emails, or texting when you likely see that person every day. Instead, ask if you can have an in-person conversation. While it's best to decide before you live with someone who will pay what bill, what the rules are on having guests over, and how clean you want to keep the apartment, most of us learn the importance of these conversations after a few bad experiences.


If you skipped this step, all is not lost: If you haven't communicated your preferences with your roommate, they probably have no idea that they're doing things to bug you. What's more, you're probably driving them bananas, too. Start the conversation by letting your roommate know that you care about them and about your home, and you want living together to be the best experience possible for both of you. Don't approach your roommate when you're angry as that's going to put them on the defensive, and they'll be less likely to consider your concerns if they feel attacked.

Don't accuse your roommate of anything. Instead, use "I" statements like: "I feel really frustrated when I wash the dishes and then I come home and there are dirty dishes in the sink. I would really appreciate it if we could come together on how to keep the kitchen clean. While some roommates might think it's no big deal to bring a Tinder date home every night, other people are going to be really upset about having strangers over on the reg and having their sleep disrupted.

Remaining tight-lipped and ignoring the problem won't make it go away, which is why the University of Michigan suggests something called the LARA method to its students to resolve roommate conflicts. Even if you're not in college, if you have a roommate, the LARA method is a good place to start a conversation.

L stands for listen: "In this stage of LARA, active listening needs to be practiced, by maintaining eye contact if culturally appropriate , nodding your head, and showing that you are listening. A lot of problems can be diffused when people feel that they are being heard.

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If your roommate brings up a problem with you, listen to what they have to say instead of defaulting to being defensive.