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The current fad among the fashionable is for sea-air and sea-bathing, both promised to cure any number of ills. He has a partner in his enterprise — Lady Denham, the great lady of the neighbourhood, having inherited wealth from one husband, a title from another and a pack of relatives from both. There is another brother, Sidney, who, it appears, would likely be the sensible one and possibly a love interest for Charlotte, but I fear we catch only a glimpse of his handsome features before the fragment ends.

But perhaps she was trying a new style intentionally. Perhaps Austen was reflecting the new modernity and process of rapid change that tends to follow a long war. He is, of course, the man behind my beloved adaptation of Pride and Prejudice , so he certainly has the credentials. A mysterious sea monster has been damaging ships around the world, so a team is put together to hunt it down.

The famous French naturalist Dr Aronnax happens to be in America at the time, so is invited to join the hunting party. Soon he will discover that the monster is in fact man-made — a submarine built and captained by the enigmatic Captain Nemo, and Aronnax and his companions will find themselves unwilling guests aboard the Nautilu s as Nemo takes them on a fabulous journey beneath the seas and oceans of the world.

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But Nemo is more than a simple explorer — gradually Aronnax begins to suspect there is a darker purpose to his travels…. Book 47 of And what adventures! They will visit coral reefs and underwater passages between seas; they will slaughter all kinds of things for food or fun; they will visit islands inhabited only by savage tribes and find themselves in danger of being slaughtered themselves for food or fun, which seems like poetic justice to me! They will observe all kinds of strange creatures that live in the depths, some of them real, some mythical.

Aronnax and his faithful assistant Conseil will catalogue hundreds — nay, thousands — of different species of fish and underwater plant life. And Aronnax, our narrator, will kindly list most of these, giving their Latin names and telling us their biological classification. The latter subgenus provided us with specimens of didactyls 30 to 40 centimetres long, with yellow stripes and fantastic-looking heads.

The characterisation is good too. Conseil is simply his faithful servant — wherever Aronnax is is where Conseil wishes to be — but he provides some gentle humour and acts as a bridge between Aronnax and the third member of the group, Ned Land. And Nemo himself is an ominous, brooding presence on board — a scientist too, but who has deliberately cut himself off from the world of men. Aronnax studies him much as he studies the other ocean life, and comes to think that he has perhaps suffered some tragedy or injustice that has driven him to this strange existence. He is another Captain Ahab , although he is sailing in the belly of the monster of the deep rather than chasing after it.

But he is driven by the same desire — revenge! Two hours after leaving the Nautilus we crossed the tree-line; the mountain peak towered feet above our heads, its dazzling radiation projecting a shadow on the slope below. A few petrified shrubs ran here and there in grimacing zigzags. Fish rose as one before our feet like birds surprised in tall grass. The rocky massif was hollowed out with impenetrable burrows, deep caverns, and pits at the bottom of which I could hear frightening things moving about. I blanched when I spotted an enormous antenna blocking my route, or terrifying claws clattering shut in the darkness of a cavity!

Thousands of luminous points shone in the darkness. They were the eyes of huge crustaceans lurking in their dens, of gigantic lobsters standing to attention like halberdiers and waving their legs with metallic clanks, of titanic crabs set like cannon on their mounts, and of awe-inspiring squid twisting their tentacles into a living brush of snakes. This is a new translation by William Butcher who is an expert on Verne, and that expertise shows in the avoidance of any of the obscurity that can happen in translations, especially of older works.

He also wrote the excellent introduction and notes, which give a lot of insight into the writing of the book — what influenced Verne, his ongoing negotiations with his publisher to get the book into shape, how the book fits into his overall body of work, etc. However, the notes do explain many references to contemporary scientists and events that would otherwise have gone over my head. The descriptions of the wonders of the deeps, the glimpses of other civilisations, the mystery surrounding Captain Nemo and the thrilling adventure aspects all more than made up for the excessive fish-detail, making it a five-star read for me — a true classic!

Book 7 of The new police chief, Bill Gillespie, has never run a murder investigation before. He orders Sam to check around for anyone who looks like he might be trying to leave town. When Sam comes across a black man sitting quietly in the Colored waiting room of the train station and discovers he has a sizeable amount of cash in his wallet, it seems the case is closed. I seem to have spent a lot of time recently reading about the American South around the time of the Civil Rights movement. This book is fundamentally a crime novel with a very good plot and some excellent detection elements.

It also takes us into the minds of the white people, though, showing how they are the product of their conditioning, and how they react when they are forced to reassess the things they take for granted about their own racial superiority. I do have one niggling reservation, about me rather than the book. That said, on with the review! Gillespie is prevailed upon by his superiors to bring Tibbs in on the investigation. In fact, Tibbs is the one who is most at ease with himself and with the situation.

He grew up in the South, knows the rules and conforms to them, never arguing about being forced to use the Colored washroom or not being allowed to eat in the diner, nor openly objecting to the overt racist language directed at him. The plot itself is very good, and the investigation takes us through all the levels in this society from rich to poor, from the cultural leaders involved in setting up the music festival, to the political class, increasingly divided between the socially conservative and the more liberal elements, to the poor people trying to scratch a living in a town that has lost its biggest employer and is struggling to find a new purpose.

Woods and Gillespie are more complex and they each grow and learn over the course of the investigation, about police-work but also about themselves.


It avoids a saccharine wholesale conversion to woolly brotherhood-of-man liberalism on their parts, but gives hope that people and society can change, given patience and the right circumstances. An excellent book that deserves its status as a classic of the genre — well written and plotted, and insightful about race and class at a moment of change. Highly recommended. Set just before the Reform Act of , Eliot uses the better off residents of the provincial town of Middlemarch to muse on the state of society at a point of change.

It is basically a series of character studies, showing how the social interactions of life lead, in most people, to a permanent state of change: sometimes growth, sometimes diminution. There is no overarching plot to speak of, though several of the characters have their own stories which appear and disappear as the book roves over subjects as diverse as the building of the railroads, the state of medicine, the position of women in society, the conduct of politics.

By the time I got to page , I was beginning to think that dying of boredom would be a blessed release. The constant repetition and the impersonal telling of every detail rather than allowing the characters to reveal themselves through their own actions and interactions made it feel like sheer drudgery to get through. Gritting my teeth and struggling on, I found it slowly improved so that eventually I became reasonably immersed in the various lives that were slowly, oh, so slowly, being lived out on the pages.

But having made it all the way to the final page, despite admiring the ambition and some of the execution, I will not be joining the legions of people who think this is the greatest novel in the English language. There is no doubt about the depth of the characterisation nor the profound insight Eliot gives into the fallibilities and foibles of human nature.

Clearly not a fan of the happy-ever-after of so many novels of the period, Eliot instead shows marriage as the beginning of the story for many of her characters and then follows them as they have to readjust their expectations when experience crashes brutally down on their hopes and dreams. For the first section it appears it will be Dorothea, an idealistic young woman who wishes to find a way to be useful in a society that expects women of her class to be merely decorative.

But then quite suddenly, just as one has become invested in her story, she disappears for hundreds of pages and idealistic young Dr Lydgate becomes the focus. I enjoyed the portrayal of the society of the town considerably more. While Eliot deals mostly with her own class, she occasionally gives glimpses of the common people, showing how their way of life was being changed by the increasing industrialisation of the time.

But she does show that the landowning classes were conscious of the increasing mood of resentment among the lower orders, with the fear of social unrest rumbling in the background. Like Dickens, she gives an indication of how the classes may live apart but are inextricably connected and, also like him, she suggests clearly that those who have ignore those who have not at their own peril. This felt flatter — more like reportage than storytelling. However, I did admire the subtlety of the characterisation and the intelligence of her observations of society. Matthew Bramble, hypochondriac and charitable Welsh gentleman with a choleric temper and a humorously jaundiced view of life, takes his family on a journey round Britain seeking benefit to his health.

As each member of the party writes letters to their friends we see the country and its regional customs through their eyes, meeting with some interesting and often eccentric characters, and being witness to some hilarious and some not so hilarious episodes along the way. Matthew takes a grumpy view of life, especially in the beginning when his health is worrying him. A bachelor, he feels a little hard done by to have acquired a family — his maiden sister, Tabitha, who is desperate to throw off her spinster state, and two wards, Jery and Lydia, children of another sister now deceased.

Despite his frequent grumbles about them all, though, he loves them and is mostly kind to them. The family are accompanied on their travels, of course, by servants. Through her, we see the family from another angle, not always complimentary. This was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.

I started off loving it, then it dipped badly to the point where I considered giving up, and then picked up again to a most enjoyable second half. As so often, especially with books from long ago, this is more to do with the reader than the book. However, the family then heads north, up through England and into Scotland where Smollett a Scot, of course discourses on habits, customs and the effects of the still relatively recent Union of Scotland and England.

I suspect other modern readers would find different parts entertaining and dull according to their own interests and knowledge. Some of the humour is quite crude, often dealing with bodily functions, about which Matthew the hypochondriac especially seems somewhat obsessed.

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Times were different too, of course, and some of what was apparently humorous back then seems rather cruel today. The women fall into two categories: young, desperately seeking romance, and foolish; or old, desperately seeking husbands, and foolish. I fear our Mr Smollett would today be called a misogynist, though I expect back then he was simply reflecting the prevalent world view. The three main correspondents are Matthew, Jery and Lydia, and they each see the world through the prism of their own age, experience and gender. Smollett is brilliant at creating individual voices for each, and maintaining them without a hitch.

To Matthew, Bath is a dreadful place, full of riff-raff and the nouveau riche, and he is deeply concerned about the unsanitary conditions prevailing in the famous spas where people drink the waters for their health. For my part, I detest it [Bath] so much, that I should not have been able to stay so long in the place, if I had not discovered some old friends, whose conversation alleviates my disgust. Going to the coffee-house one forenoon, I could not help contemplating the company, with equal surprise and compassion.

We consisted of thirteen individuals: seven lamed by the gout, rheumatism, or palsy; three maimed by accident; and the rest either deaf or blind. One hobbled, another hopped, a third dragged his legs after him like a wounded snake, a fourth straddled betwixt a pair of long crutches, like the mummy of a felon hanging in chains; a fifth was bent into a horizontal position, like a mounted telescope, shoved in by a couple of chairmen; and a sixth was the bust of a man, set upright in a wheel machine, which the waiter moved from place to place.

This three-way look at places continues throughout the journey and, as well as providing humour, gives a rounded picture of the attractions and downsides of the various places they stop at, while continuing to let us get to know each of the characters better. Like most Scottish authors following the Union, Smollett was writing primarily for an English audience and, as Scott sometimes does at a later period, he uses the Scottish section to try to explain Scottish culture to them, musing on customs, accents, the legal system, the differences between Lowland and Highland culture, and so on.

He introduces another Scottish character later in the book, whose discussions with Matthew enable Smollett to show both sides of the Union — the pros and cons — and this is remarkably interesting given our current national obsession with the same vexed questions three centuries on. He touches briefly on the already-developing cultural dominance of England and English in language and literature, a thing Matthew seems to see as positive, leaving me wondering if Smollett did too.

The book itself is written almost entirely in standard English of the time, so should present no major problems for a patient modern reader. I was highly entertained by bits and bored to tears by other bits. Sunders Macully, the Scotchman, who pushes directly for Vails, has promised to give it you into your own hand, and therefore I would not miss the opportunity to let you know as I am still in the land of the living: and yet I have been on the brink of the other world since I sent you my last letter.

It was well for some folks that we scaped drownding; for mistress was very frexious, and seemed but indifferently prepared for a change; but, thank God, she was soon put in a better frame by the private exaltations of the reverend Mr Macrocodile. Book 44 of When Lord Spenborough dies in middle-age, he leaves a youngish daughter and an even younger second wife. Lady Serena, the daughter, is desperate not to have to live with her aunt, and Fanny, the young widow, is equally reluctant to return to the home of her parents.

So they decide to live together, with Fanny as an unlikely chaperone for her headstrong step-daughter. Lord Spenborough has left an unwelcome surprise for Serena in his will, though. Under the terms of the will Ivo must give his consent if Serena decides to marry…. Both Serena and Ivo are bad-tempered, volatile and domineering characters whose behaviour towards the people around them often crosses the line towards outright bullying.

Book 43 of Fortunately there are lots of secondary characters who are much more fun to be around. Bored, partly by the reduction in their circumstances and partly by the tight restrictions on entertaining while in mourning, they soon decide to take themselves off to the delights of Bath, ostensibly so that Fanny can take the waters for her health.

Her daughter, however, married into the minor aristocracy and has ambitions to shove her own daughter, Emily, further up the aristocratic tree. All the young people, in the usual way, will first fall in love with entirely unsuitable partners, then have to find some way of escaping from this tangle to finish at last with their true loves. Heyer always writes well, and the tone is light and full of humour. And in the tradition of romances, it all ends when everyone becomes engaged to the right partner, so only those of us who have a tendency to over-analyse everything have to worry about the probable unfortunate offspring of some of the more fiery matches!

Personally, I suspect all the women turn into feminists after the weddings and the husbands are probably all hen-pecked into submission by the end of the first year. I first read this book as a young teenager back in the Dark Ages and remembered nothing about it except that I loved it. Not so! This book, in my opinion, is vastly superior to Waverley, having all of its strengths and none of its weaknesses. The period is the tail end of the 14th century, when Scotland was in name one nation under one monarch, but where the Highlands clans operated as separate fiefdoms and were a constant threat to the peace of the nation from the north.

At the southern border, Scotland and England were in a perpetual state of enmity — sometimes warring, sometimes skirmishing, but never truly at peace. He actually shortens the timeline, compressing various events that happened at different times to bring them together into his story, but he manages to do this without seriously distorting the underlying significance of them.


Oh, Scotland! When is it that a white hair is seen on the beard of a Scottishman, unless he be some wretch like thy sovereign, protected from murder by impotence, to witness the scenes of slaughter to which he cannot put a period? Let them come in, delay them not. The demon of strife and slaughter hath possessed the whole land! Later, we spend time with the Highland clans, seeing how they lived perhaps — Scott has a reputation for creating the modern image of the clans from his imagination, but it rings true enough for this reader. There are lots of great characters in the novel.

Henry is a famed fighter, trying to tame his warring nature for the sake of peace-loving Catherine. Through her, we get a glimpse at the state of the Church, with the first hints of the Reformation to come and with the fear of being accused of heresy ever present. Simon is a good and decent man, and a loving father. Conachar, the young Highland boy who is his apprentice, allows us to see the attitudes of the townspeople to their wild Highland neighbours.

The Royals are excellent — poor Robert III, who means well but is ineffective as either King or father, his scheming and disloyal brother Albany and the feuding Earls of March and Douglas, each given extraordinary power due to the weakness of the King. Yet, noble knight, insects have their power of harming as well as physicians. What is there that prevented me to use means yet more subtle, and to taint your room with essences, before which the light of life twinkles more and more dimly, till it expires, like a torch amidst the foul vapours of some subterranean dungeon?

You little estimate my power, if you know not that these and yet deeper modes of destruction stand at command of my art.


But a physician slays not the patient by whose generosity he lives, and far less will he the breath of whose nostrils is the hope of revenge destroy the vowed ally who is to favour his pursuit of it. It moves along at a good pace, never losing track of the various strands — Henry and Catherine, the Royal power plays, Rothsay and his scurrilous followers. It moved me to tears for more than one reason. And even more horrifyingly, this part of it is based on actual events. A great book, and a true classic. If you only ever read one Scott novel, make it this one.

It gets my highest recommendation! When Arthur Clennam returns from abroad following the death of his father, he is convinced that his father had done something in his past of which he was ashamed and wished his wife to make amends. However, Mrs Clennam is a cold, hard woman who had been long estranged from her husband, and she refuses to discuss the matter with Arthur.

Along the way, he produces his usual dazzling array of characterisation and mix of drama, humour and occasional horror. Little Dorrit and Maggy. Some aspects of this one worked better for me than others. The nepotism aspects and class-ridden society rang much truer, especially the idea that relatively useless people get powerful jobs merely by being the sons of powerful men. Not much changes, except that today the same could be said about daughters…. The shabbiness of these attendants upon shabbiness, the poverty of these insolvent waiters upon insolvency, was a sight to see.

Such threadbare coats and trousers, such fusty gowns and shawls, such squashed hats and bonnets, such boots and shoes, such umbrellas and walking-sticks, never were seen in Rag Fair. Their walk was the walk of a race apart. When they coughed, they coughed like people accustomed to be forgotten on doorsteps and in draughty passages, waiting for answers to letters in faded ink, which gave the recipients of those manuscripts great mental disturbance and no satisfaction.

Mr Dorrit entertains guests in the Marshalsea. As is often the case with Dickens, the two major characters are among my least favourite. Arthur is another weak man and rather bland, though morally righteous, naturally. Little Dorrit is perfect, hence perfectly nauseating — too good, too trembling, too quiet, too accepting, too forgiving, too much slipping and flitting about just walk, woman, for goodness sake!

Too Dickensian, in fact! David Williams BS Finance We decided to pack up and move from Phoenix to Prescott, where Valerie now works as an occupational therapist for Prescott Unified School District. I joined the family business, Freedom Point Financial Services, and am working as a certified financial planner alongside my dad—and loving every minute. Valerie and I have a 2-year-old son, Charles, and we had a baby girl in October. Baby Career Life. Army Yuma Proving Ground. After 10 years of producing record sales numbers and numerous promotions, his current role is Senior Corporate Account Manager in the South East.

Rob Bueche MA Education Eddie shifted to teach at Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea. She is expecting another baby as well. Jordan Higley BS Communication She won the Teacher of the Month award for all educators in Phoenix, AZ and writes science curriculum for educators to utilize worldwide. Erin Moloney BS Biology Erin lives in Tampa, Fla. Dena Barto BS Communications Since graduating, Dena has been traveling the world, supporting her husband, and raising their three daughters. John was an NAU sciences professor for 47 years. He served for 20 years in the Arizona House of Representatives and eight years in the Senate.

He became the longest-serving Republican state legislator in Arizona history. In she became Dr. Donna Jagielski after completing the three year doctoral program at Arizona State University in Leadership and Innovation. She is a leader in developing STEM based programs, implementing professional development for teachers and modeling instruction. In her spare time she enjoys running, teaching and practicing yoga and swimming. She and her husband live in Phoenix and maintain a second residence in Flagstaff.

The fellowship is given to graduate students who are making a significant contribution to archaeological knowledge of American Indian cultures of the Southwest; Bellorado is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Arizona. Jose also works as a faculty member in the Department of Arts Administration and Policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he teaches in the graduate program.

Saul grew up in Des Moines, IA and had a love for culture, anthropology and history. After receiving his degree from NAU, he obtained his PhD from the University of Arizona where he researched focused on the cultural significance and uses of turquoise to prehistoric and contemporary Pueblo peoples. Saul had two children with Leigh, his wife. He enjoyed running, sports, music and the outdoors. In partnerships with the Joyce Foundation and the American Express Foundation, this year-long fellowship acknowledges professionals in the field. She has been working at the same dental office since soon after she graduated.

Kali is thankful that the dental hygiene program at NAU equipped her for real life career skills and long term employment. Kali recognizes that this has been wonderful career path for her. She returns to NAU every October for homecoming festivities and the football game with her family and to reminisce of her time there. Kellie Shamrell BS Biology Katherine Locke BS Communication She was recently recognized for her writing and role in telling the stories of Native Americans.

She was honored with the Robert R. Eunson Award. He was recently nominated for the Viola Award for excellence in science education. Lauren Walker BS Communications After having triplets with her husband, she took time to explore other creative outlets and began writing fiction. Lauren took a trip to Flagstaff with her husband and explored campus. Even a decade later, with my book in hand, I'm still defining things, but it was an amazing feeling to be there with such an accomplishment under my belt.

I can't wait to come back when I've gone even further as an author" Lauren wrote. IHWW is a non-profit organization of 17 International Houses communities around the world united by the common mission: To provide students of different nationalities and diverse cultures with the opportunity to live and learn together in a community of mutual respect, understanding and international friendship. Eileen Donovan MA English Joshua John BS Physics The 15 Under 40 program recognizes those under the age of 40 who are making a difference in the Graham and Greenlee counties of Arizona.

Roy Bratton MA Education He retired after 25 years of service to the Phoenix Police. Career Retirement. Timothy Minich BS Forestry Timothy began working for Dominion Energy as a new transmission line construction forester in December , overseeing land clearing and danger tree work operations in VA and NC.

She has taught preschool up through high school athletics throughout her career. With her partner, she is coaching track and field for kids interested in training over the summer. In the fall she will be assisting Kihei Charter High Schools Cross Country team, and continuing to manage a multi-million dollar property on the north shore.

In April of this year she ran her first half marathon. Ana has four chickens and three cats and lives in upcountry Kula on the slopes of a volcano and the Haleakala National Park. Shari Lopatin BS Journalism Shari has written articles for several publications and earned two Associated Press awards as part of an investigative news team. She was appointed to the Dine College Board of Regents in as a western Navajo representative advocating for higher education.

Derek's education in the W. Franke College of Business has given him the skills to be an Operations Executive for a Fortune company for 14 years. His experience at NAU also introduced him to his wife, who works as a language arts teacher. They will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary of marriage in March. Derek shared he and his wife love NAU and everything it stands for and hope their two little lumberjacks get their education there as well. Leigh Gilmer BA History Born in Montana in , she moved to Arizona at age 6 and attended NAU, where she received an honorary doctorate in Her professional career spanned five decades, 35 years of which she served as executive director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff.

Categories: Farewell Graduate College. Diana is currently a Support Tech Supervisor for a dental software company. She also volunteers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. The ex-Navy veteran went on a nine city book-tour by Greyhound Bus and stayed in homeless shelters and gave talks about his life in a Tucson Homeless shelter. Bobby lives and writes in Tucson with his wife and three kids. Elizabeth was the Flagstaff City Clerk and has an impressive career of dedication to public service.

Since receiving his degree, Joel has sung professionally, toured with opera companies, and started his own company, Mid-Ohio Opera, which produces two operas and eight concerts per season, and offers master classes for area students with world-renowned singers and opera coaches. Justin participated in track and field, football and basketball as a student at the high school. Lisa Falkner BA Spanish Joanna Gick BA Arts Her fifth-grade classroom features NAU colors, banners and photographic artwork of Northern Arizona taken by fellow alum and photographer Paul Folk, and includes the campus mascot, Louie the Lumberjack!

Her students learn about the university campus life and about how their hard work and growth helps them prepare for their own post-secondary education and future careers. Lyndsay Hupp BS Biology The company is called "Huppy Bar". Lyndsay runs her business while also working as a wildlife biologist. Brad has extensive education experience including as a teacher, coach and principal. Lea Berentson BS Psychology She is also is certified in perinatal mental health by the Postpartum Support International. David Goulet MA Education Kent is the father of 5 children.

Liz Goodman is an attorney and has partnered with fellow Phoenix attorneys James Christian to open a full-service law and government-relations firm, Christian Goodman PLC. Elia has been with the district for nearly 7 years and was previously the branch librarian for the historic Heritage Library.

Bojan Louis BA English Bojan currently teaches writing classes at Arizona State University. Christopher Jones BS Accountancy The board conducts public meetings to hear and decide upon requests for variances, special-use permits, and interpretations of the City of Mesa Zoning Ordinance and Sign Code. Victoria Gonzales MEd Education Tabatha Shipley BS Education This book is the first book in a series taking place in the fantasy world known as the Kingdom of Fraun.

The Houglands currently reside in the mountains of Southern New Mexico where Melissa homeschools their children and works as a freelance grant writer and Bennet is working on publishing his second novel. Vikki worked with the Chinle Unified School District as an accountant and in human resources. Vikki has been married to Joe Shirley Jr. Together they have a blended family with six children.

Her first book was published in , and she continues to write from her home in Phoenix. In July, she also started a new job as a theatrical marketing manager for a film studio in Scottsdale. Judy Manor BS Psychology Judy has been working in her department for nearly 20 years — starting as a shuttle driver while earning her degree, moving to the role of interim field operations supervisor, and finally to her current position. She joins a group of 77 other individuals named Homecoming Dedicatees, a tradition that began in and honors a faculty or staff member who has been with the university for at least 10 years and demonstrates exceptional service to the university and its students.

The honoree is celebrated at a special banquet, rides in the parade, and receives special recognition at the football game. Todd Hanley BS Education Air Force and has been promoted to Lt. Matthew announced his candidacy for the Alderman seat within his community. Wesley Menke BS Mathematics After 7 years, he moved back home to Sedona and taught the first Spanish language program at West Sedona School.

Kristin Haskins PhD Biology She has been nominated for the Viola Award for Excellence in community impact. She recently, after 10 years of research and participation in a Georgetown University certificate program, published her first book nationwide with Routledge Inc, one of the leading mental health publishers.

Aimee Viramontes BS Education She currently teaches at Wilson Elementary in Corvallis, Oregon. Once completed, he will serve as a US Air Force trauma surgeon. Jeremy has served as the interim executive director and communications director for ASMI. Paula works as a forester for the U. Career Wedding. Sarah has been an educator for more than 21 years. She is enrolled in a K educational leadership doctoral program which she strives to complete by Jonathan is currently the Vice President of the Navajo Nation where he is a strong advocate for local governance.

He and his wide role modeled this by being avid runners, providing educational opportunities and sticking to a plant-based diet. He previously was a lecturer at Southern Utah University and assistant professor at Gachon University. Michele has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and is in her 16th year of casino management. Melissa Jauregui BS Education Melissa teaches 5th grade at Calabasas Elementary School.

The business utilizes the outdoors to aid those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction during their road to recovery. Steven served as a teacher at Winslow High School and had a love for learning and music. He has served as in various roles since the start of his career in , including assistant superintendent of leadership. This award recognizes teachers with the highest student evaluations within the college. One of only a few select college teachers to be recognized. He began his career as a math teach, where he taught for 8 years.

In , upon completion of his Principal Certification, he accepted a position as assistant principal - academics at McClintock High School, where he stayed for 14 years. He and his wife, Laura, have traveled to over 50 countries since he graduated from NAU including several trips with their daughter, who is now 2.

Leif Christianson BS Microbiology After completing his residency in internal medicine at the University of Missouri and serving as chief medical resident, Dr. Her body of work, Sculpturings, is a hybrid of small sculpture and wearable art cast in precious metals using the lost wax casting process. Her work has been featured on the pages of British Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller, Art Jewelry Magazine, and as a member of Mensa was featured in a cover story in their monthly magazine. Her art has taken notice in academic communities, often the subject of dissertations and included to participate in conferences and panels in conjunction with nationally acclaimed galleries.

A founder of the burgeoning Bridgism movement, she is quickly becoming a leading authority and influencer on the subjects of wearable art and art jewelry, having coined the movement to describe patterns of wearable art crossing over into realms of sculpture, creating a bridge between the two art forms. She also works as an artist and location manager specializing in face and body painting at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando where she regularly paints at high profile gigs, park openings, and for nationally broadcasted television segments such as Good Morning America and The Disney Channel.

She is developing theories around a new digital user experience that allows people to wear and virtually try on her wearable art while occupying a different space away from the physical work itself. She intends to apply these innovative findings to future exhibitions of her work as well as to help advance digital economies and sales in the art field. Anthony grew up in Flagstaff and was actively involved in various organizations as an NAU student. Anthony worked in the federal government and retired after 24 years.

She is the executive director of Morning Star Leaders and won her award in the Service to Others category. Morning Star Leaders is a c 3 organization that works to empower, educate, and support Native American youth through educational, cultural, and social development opportunities. Danielle married in and lives in Maricopa, Arizona with her husband and two sons.

Raso was selected as the sole state recipient by a panel of teachers, administrators and scholars from across the nation. He will continue to teach some college math at Navajo Technical University. Jim feels honored to have attended NAU. He enjoys traveling, supporting family, impacting hundreds of students' lives, and serving his church as a pastor.

His wife, who also attended NAU, teaches high school. Career Life Retirement. Richard Tappan BS Geology Brad has more than 20 years of construction experience, and he has spent the last 18 years at Archer Western. In his previous role as a Program Manager, he led complex projects for numerous municipalities across Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. The 38, members of the Sons of the American Revolution selected Raso based on his outstanding efforts in providing community based applications of history for students.

William Fish Jr. They focus on helping people of all ages by providing behavioral health, healthcare, and social services. He had a love for making jewelry, art and music. Justin Newman BS Engineering Newman assumes a leadership position as the company expands its footprint as part of the Kitchell family of companies. His experience ranges from alternative energy and public works to criminal justice and high-end residential projects.

Jennifer has been working executive director for the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. She won an award for exceptional accomplishment in orchestra management from the League of American Orchestras in , and she has received a number of other music industry awards. Rebecca has been a natural leader in the education field with her National Board Certification, being a member of the AZ Hope Street Fellow group, and receiving the honor to coach the candidates in the National Board program. Penny Babb MEd Education A member since , Penny has held several leadership positions including region governor, secretary, district director, club president, vice-president, and secretary.

Lori Harrison BS Accountancy He currently teaches at Jamaica Elementary and has been in the district for 17 years. He was awarded the Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year award. Sabine cemented her legacy in Lumberjack athletic history as a strong competitor on the Track and field team.

During her time at NAU, she set and continues to hold the Big Sky heptathlon record when she took first place in She also won Big Sky high jump and heptathlon championships in This standout will be honored on Friday, Sept. Jankowski, who taught himself how to snowboard while going to school in Flagstaff, now lives in Oregon. You can follow him on Twitter CoachJanks.

Frank enlisted in the U. Air Force as a Nutritional Medicine Technician and completed his service in She is also enjoying traveling with her husband, Walter. Kristen Swingle BS Biology She has served as vice president of stem-cell operations for Cord Blood Registry and is currently chairwoman of the Arizona Bioindustry Association. Seamus Dever BS Theatre TV series Titans. David Barnett BS Marketing John Corona BS Journalism He is the project coordinator for King High School Remembers, a military veterans oral history project that has won acclaim at the local, state and national levels.

Though retired, he plans to continue to coach and work on King's veterans project. She currently teaches at Lake Havasu High School and has been in the district for 29 years. Her career in education spans 27 years, including spending 10 summers helped adults who had fallen through the cracks of the educational system.

He has served the district since as teacher, curriculum specialist and assistant principal. She was comforted with family, love, and prayers. Co-workers and students admired her for her dedication. Her family will always remember her big blue eyes, her beautiful smile, and her silly sense of humor. Her most recent work, The Arizona Thriller Trilogy , was published this year. The first book in the trilogy won a merit award in a writing contest, while the second and third won first place in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards in the Regional Fiction, Southwest category.

Heather Zacarias BS Education Heather has worked in education for 22 years. Her role will support all educational activities and operations in the elementary school, while also monitoring the effectiveness of the curriculum. Her NEH project, supported by a grant from NEH, seeks to build organizational support for faculty and students in the Humanities program. John shared: When my daughter started to adore princesses, at first I thought it was cute.

So I started to ad lib the stories. It was written to be a positive story for kids and I hope anyone that reads it feels the same way. You can see the art from the book here: www. Hollie was very involved with the campus and Flagstaff community in various forms since she began her work with Victim Witness Services 10 years ago. He worked as an electrician for several years before attending the police academy to become a Gila County Sheriff's Deputy. He worked as a counselor for the Arizona Department of Economic Security before retiring.

He enjoyed singing. Categories: College of Education Farewell. Born in , he grew up in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas, where he also coached the swim team while earning his law degree. He later moved to Flagstaff, where he became a prominent attorney and helped bring an indoor swimming complex and high-altitude training center to NAU. Wall Aquatic Center in —an honor the university bestowed upon its new swimming facility as well. She is now the principal of the William W. Paul Svancara BA Arts Rayna Stewart BS Communication Rayna cemented his legacy in Lumberjack athletic history as a five-time All-American safety for the NAU football program.

Not only does Rayna hold the top two marks in passes defended for NAU in a single season with 19 in both and , he was named to the All-Big Sky first team the same years. He played for the Miami Dolphins in , followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars from Rayna, is currently the Director of Player Development for the Vanderbilt University Football program and previously served as the defensive assistant for quality control for the Tennessee Titans. Tomme Arthur BA English David Eisenbacher BS Engineering He completed his academic career in teaching, research, and administration as the Chair, and later, Dean, of the School of Forestry at NAU.

In addition to teaching, he authored more than 70 referred and scientific papers. Don had two daughters together with his first wife. After retiring, he and his second wife, Jenine, moved to Lockwood, California. Don loved life outdoors and was an avid camper. He had many hobbies and a passion for sports.

Colonel Kloos is responsible for the readiness, training, morale, and welfare of 1, personnel who maintain and operate FA aircraft across six squadrons. Additionally, he provides operational oversight and direction for nearly reserve maintainers and operators in the th Fighter Wing. He is also responsible for the Utah Test and Training Range, a 3. Jason Stone BS Communication Peter Wertheim BS Journalism He was featured in the New York Times article "U. Dustin Wright BA English Department of Energy Office of Inspector General, a position that is a promotion into the Senior Executive Service after 21 years of federal civil service.

Previously, he served in the U. Border Patrol and with two other Offices of Inspector General. Jeff has served on leadership positions in the state and national transit organizations and has become a leading voice for the small urban transit systems. She has served the County for 20 years. She lives in Southern California with her 7 year old son and French Bulldog. Walter Chantler BS Education Kristen Philbrook MS Forestry Karen Hockenyos lived in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

She moved to Arizona in , where she was active in charitable endeavors, including The Star Starters and Phoenix Children's Theater. She enjoyed visiting northern Arizona, river rafting, hiking and camping. She worked with the U. They were married in She shared her love of the northern Arizona landscape, along with hobbies like gardening and cooking, with those in her life.

He spent his career focused on ending child slavery and worked in various countries including the Philippines and Cambodia. His dedication to service and justice allowed for him to aid victims of sex trafficking, police brutality and acts of violence against the poor. He had a love for hiking and baseball. Mesa Community College computer information systems professor Juan Marquez retired after 30 years of dedicated service to the Maricopa County Community College District and was awarded the emeritus distinction.

She later earned a doctoral degree from ASU in Autumn has taught biology in the classroom and has served in various administrative positions. He has been fortunate enough to be the clinical instructor for many NAU physical therapy interns for the past 10 years. Jeffrey has identical twin sons who are seniors in high school, both of whom have NAU at the top of their college list. She also works part time as a strength training instructor with Summit Health and Fitness where she found her passion for long-distance running. Staci has now completed several top world marathons.

Prior to the election, Katie served as an Arizona Senator and as a state representative. Amy is honored to be able to use her NAU education and over a dozen years of fundraising experience to engage donors and help change lives. She looks forward to bringing people together to build homes, community, and hope. She was named teacher of the year at the beginning of Fall In Summer , Whitney announced his retirement from education. Edward has worked in the mining industry for more than thirty years. James served for six months as the interim manager. James joined the county administrative team in August , first filling the position of director of special initiatives to handle public affairs and community relations.

His wife, Barb, is an art teacher at the same school, and their two children—Will, 16 and Ally, 14—go there as well. A lifelong soccer player, Time has been involved with the sport since he left NAU, coaching at the youth, high school, college, and semi-pro levels. And why that name? Christi Barth BMus Arts It will be released in October. He was born in Kentucky, but moved to the White Mountains of Arizona at age 9. He grew up here, worked his way through college and on June 4, , Scott married Monica. Together they raised 3 girls. He enjoyed the outdoors, hiking, fishing and running.

Scott was a 25 year member of the Coconino County Sheriff's Search and Rescue and served a couple of those years as its captain. She is recognized with this prestigious distinction for leadership in entrepreneurship. Paula has been practicing law for more than 20 years and started her own law firm, Paula J. Burnstein, P.