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Wait until the kids. Words: 9, He drives and Mother sleeps. Having Mother that close to him arouses him. It starts innocently enough, just him being naughty, playing with his member while he drives, watching her, fantasizing about her. Soon enough, things start to heat up and we watch the transformation of a loving mother into a sex fiend.

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Come along on this incestuous ride and join us in the perversion and fun of this unforget. Words: 8, Ben's mother needs more money from rent. She'll offer her own son sexual favors for extra money from his paycheck every week. But what happens after his sister catches them in a taboo act? Rylee Loves Her Son by A. Words: 10, Published: September 17, by Lot's Cave, Inc.

A few days short of the fortieth birthday, Rylee is desperate for a man, any man.

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Frustrated after another disastrous date, she shamelessly flirts with her handsome some, Troy. Her hormones raging, she gives in to her incestuous desires, taking him into her bed. The sex earth-shattering, she explores perverted sex with her son. Each new adventure taking them down the path to depravity. Incest On The Lake by A. Rylee loves her son, Troy, far more than she, should, and nearing forty, needs to man before she gets into deeper trouble. Brandi Loves Dad by A.

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Wanting to please Adam, she does anything he asks. She invites Carl onboard, and the men fuck her over the weekend. After Carl leaves, Adam introduces her to pain, and loving it, she explodes. Mia was an artist. She was also a Lesbian. And she had a beautiful kid sister. So, when Lisa dropped in, soaking wet after being caught in the street by a shower, Mia was all helping hands. And before you could name the four Renaissance painters who turned ninjas, Mia and Lisa were deep in for some good old incestuous fun! Words: 26, Doug Goldberg's marriage was falling apart, so he tried to take his own life with a particle accelerator.

However, instead of dying he unlocks the ability to control time and space. Should he become a super hero? No, instead he uses his power to abduct lovely women for bondage torture and sex. Is he truly living life without consequence, or will his fantasies prove to be his undoing? Stuart has been secretly lusting after his daughter since she turned When a third party doses her with sleeping pills, he is left in an unbelievable situation.

His sexy young daughter is passed out, allowing him the opportunity to touch her without her knowledge. How far can he get before the pills wear off? Will Lily. Words: 7, Will Lily remain asleep while he has his way with her or wi. Words: 63, Published: September 13, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Book 3 finds the bullies making use of Busty Mom's willing body in a variety of sordid ways, while her nerdy son is not just a keen observer, but an overly excited part-time participant.

The three boys put the woman through her paces time and again, turning her from a caring mother into a cum-craving nympho who craves nothing more than cock Words: 14, Published: September 9, by Lot's Cave, Inc. When freshman Andy Greene sneaks into the college locker room to fuel his dirty obsession with everything stinky, he's caught by beefy football jock, Kurt Bryant.

But instead of immediately turning him in, Kurt gives Andy an ultimatum: Service him or face expulsion and humiliation from the entire campus. With no choice but to comply, Andy submits to the masculine jock's every, filthy whim in this. Words: 13, Published: September 7, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Dean got home on leave from the Middle East and rushed her into marriage.

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When his Army buddies catch up with them in a remote cottage, she learns about his gambling debts for the first time. Using her gives them some of what they want, but barely covers the collection fees. Selling her to a sex club might cover the balance. Published: August 31, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Peter and Jack have been together for 11 months. Their sex life is far from boring but now they want to try something even more exciting than just pain.

Consensual rape play. Words: 16, John and Bruce have been together for 10 years. Bruce thought he knew his partner inside out but when little liquid courage makes John share one of his oldest fantasies, one he had never shared with Bruce before, their sex life takes a new, a very steamy turn. Officer Peter Hicks is shame-ridden by his sadistic desires.

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Luckily he has a one person in his life who is not only accepting of his dark desires but wholeheartedly encourages him to indulge in them. But there is a but, this man has no feelings of remorse or moral to speak of. He is a psychopath. Words: 11, Published: August 30, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Beth and Dave receive a visitor to the house. Alice and Kasha have been exchanging messages. Pregnant by her brother, then again by their son, Kasha gives birth to her own grandchild.

Kasha has some stories to tell. The Family Mansion No. Words: 22, After Liz admits to Dr. Laurel Scots that she and her daughters have all been fucking her son and each other, Laurel freaks out and calls a psychotherapist to hopefully make them all stop. Yumi Kim shows up an hour later, determined to get to the bottom of the Slope families troubles. Published: August 29, by Lot's Cave, Inc. When twins Rick and Annie Miner are left alone on their parents' Depression era farm, the find some new ways to fill the time between chores. Nice thing about an isolated farm, no one can see you ing on the back porch, or screwing down by the creek.

Once on their own, these horny siblings waste no time discovering what they've been missing out on. In the sleepy English village of Bridgeford, incest, sodomy and bestiality are all part of the everyday way of life. Andy Brock, humiliated by Ian Winston in Part 1, is looking for a way to get his revenge and finds it… Ian Winston, who insisted Pepper agree to be faithful, succumbs to the charms of his secretary Carol… And veterinary Nigel Frampton takes caring for animals very literally indeed! Words: 15, Published: August 22, by Lot's Cave, Inc.

Mother and Son work together in their own business where they facilitate incest between mothers, sons and daughters.

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They do it for the love of incest, because they want others to enjoy themselves as much as they do, because the world would be a better place if mothers, sons and daughters would show their love for each other, and please each other. Come and see how they operate, how they bring jo. Words: 23, Mitchell Cecil and his daughter Mollie return to his homeland of Solva, Welsh.

Where Mitchell hopes to relax from the shit his ex-wife had turned his life into. Unbeknownst to him, Mollie would come to play a major role in his reuniting with his family he had ran out on. As well as bringing him and his sister Ashley together as more than brother and sister. Kelly's Incest by A. Kelly loves her son, Ryan, and accepting incest as a way of life, embraces it. The situation perfect for her to have everything she wants, Kelly pushes him into introducing her to his daughter, Jess.

Chelsea Seduces Dad by A. Words: 12, On a mission to land her dad, Chelsea flies to Vegas. Tony tries his best to fend Chelsea off, and losing the battle, finally gives her what she wants. Their passion released, Chelsea and Tony enter into an incestuous affair, the sex wild and uninhibited.

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Head over heels in love, Chelsea pushes her dad into a lifel. Published: August 21, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Cliff catches his sexy, 18 year old daughter touching herself and he can no longer deny what he wants. He corners her in the bathroom and asks her to let him ease that ache between her legs. Cliff knows this is what they both need, but can he convince her of the same? Will she let him have his way with her or. Words: 4, An act that starts out as simple comfort between siblings turns into something much less innocent. How will Lisa react when her brother accidentally reveals his desire for her?

Does she return his passion? Read to find out what happens when two sexy, horny siblings share a bed. Birthdays can be a blast. For this hot momma, it turns into lots of sexual fun! Come join this tale of mother and son doing a fun game together. Doctors know what's best for their patients. But what happens when it's your own son? What if they need something that they should not get because it's taboo? Find out in this hot tale of mother and son!

Published: August 20, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Ten years ago, Nichole and her brother had a steamy affair. Now they are both married. But Nichole's brother knows passion is still here. Whether his little sis wants it or not. Published: August 18, by Lot's Cave, Inc. When Ryan introduces his girlfriend Sam to the pleasure of being fucked in the ass, it never occurs to him she might decide to pass on her new-found knowledge to someone else Words: 19, Alex Barton presents five stories featuring beautiful girls and their loving grandfathers.

No one is harmed, no one is coerced, no one is forced to do anything they do not enjoy. Words: 31, Alex Barton takes pleasure in presenting a collection of eight stories dedicated to his belief that women love being fucked in the ass as much as men love doing it to them. Fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters, uncles and nieces, first cousins and even a father and son, these stories just go to show that when it comes to sodomy there's no argument: incest is best!

Rosa has been having sex with her Daddy since she was a teenager. When she got married and started a family both of them accepted the change. But then Rosa developed a yen to be fucked in the ass by one of her students and her Dad developed a yen for incestuous anal sex with his granddaughter which meant things became a whole lot more complicated…!

Words: 30, Published: August 17, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Alex Barton's pleasure in writing about anal sex knows no boundaries. For him, writing about a son being buggered by his loving father is every bit as exciting as writing about a daughter being sodomized by her father. If gay sex arouses you then these five stories are guaranteed to make your balls tingle and your cock hard as hell.

Words: 47, Alex Barton presents another selection of nine stories focused on anal sex. Incest, lesbianism, buggery as well as sodomy and, as an experiment, Alex is confident this collection has something for anyone who shares his pleasure in everything related to fuckable asses. In the style of 'Boobarella', fairy tales can be given new life if, as part of the cycle of adversity faced and true love found, the reader discovers the pleasures of sex, particularly anal sex, are included. There is nothing antique about this story: it is a tale of incest, unbridled lust, animal desire and the plundering of the beautiful heroine's asshole!

Words: 20, There she meets the charming and handsome Alejandro and the stage is set for Gina to lose her sexual inhibitions with the two most important men in her life. But…she reckons without one of them being jealous and possessive, a combination that might mean her experiment ends b. The Conversion by S. Words: 44, Published: August 15, by Lot's Cave, Inc.

Marilyn is one of the most powerful women on Wall Street working for a company that handles mergers and acquisitions. She meets a woman, and for the first time in her life feels satisfaction and the thrill of sexual domination. When eighteen-year-old Jason Miller comes home from college one day, he's shocked to discover that his dad has sold him to a man who only goes by "Master". As Jason is forced to commit more and more acts of depravity, with each one being filthier than the last, can he escape Master's clutches for good, or will Master's manly aroma and intoxicating taste be too good to resist?

Words: 41, Published: August 6, by Lot's Cave, Inc. The Craftons are an upscale African American family. They live in an upper middle-class neighborhood on Chicago's Hyde Park. Like most families, they have their secrets. The father, Tom Crafton is bisexual. The twins, Carter and Caitlin, have an ongoing sexual relationship and have a child together. The mother is sexually frustrated and she is eyeing the her son to scratch that itch!

Oh yeah! Published: August 5, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Jim has a successful computer store business in a little town he calls Zero. His sister Judy went off to be a film star, but only made it in porn films. Judy comes back to Zero, in quite a bit of trouble. Jim has shelter, Judy has something to trade. Published: August 4, by Lot's Cave, Inc. Twins In Bed is the story of a twin sister who dares to let her most base desire and passions loose. Is she willing to accept the consequences, the reward or punishment, for allowing herself to become sexually liberated?

Is the heightened pleasure of taboo sex worth the price of keeping hidden the secret of incest with her brother? Will Lily remain asleep while he has his way with her or will she wake to catch him in the act? Dexter A caring mother comes up with a plan to help her son deal with his bullies. Her plan works, but not quite in the way she intended. The bullies quickly turn her into their submissive fuck-toy, with everyone getting a chance to use her lush stacked body in whatever way they choose, with her own son getting his chance as well.

They use her busty form over and over, feeding and filling her with their potent teenage cum. A Different Bed by James Hawthorn The family dynamics are changed forever as incestuous lust overcomes everyone. Nate Slope and his hot mother with his horny sisters are trying to find a way to keep the mansion they grew up in.

Maybe they can sell lingerie on his amazing sister's website. Watch as this slow burn lingerie modeling surely leads into something really hot! Bridgeford Tales Trilogy by Alex Barton Pepper and Ian Winston have recently moved to the picturesque English village of Bridgeford where everyone is fucking everyone else, families delight in incest and exercising the dog means something quite different to taking it for a walk… Join Alex Barton as he introduces you to quaint English pastimes like sodomy, bestiality, adultery and bare knuckle fist fighting!

The Matrons of Regal Bay by K. Steiner Middle-aged English teacher Pamela, a wife and mother, discovers that there is more to life in picturesque Regal Bay, especially her sex life, if only she has the courage to take that first step. Teach her son how to date real women and build his confidence.

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Nothing wrong with a mother teacher her son such things. After a mutable disease reshapes society, the family seeks shelter at the Mediplex, hoping for relief and hoping their own oddities may help others. There are only two rules in the Mediplex - consent is a must, and abuse is forbidden. How easy will it be for the adults to overcome the social mores they grew up with? And how kinky can the Admin be? Mediplex - Mediplex Story No.

Her Brother's Dark Desire by Ashlee Colette Warner has spent the past year fantasizing about his beautiful, innocent sister. How will Madison react when she learns her brother yearns for her virgin pussy? Will she be disgusted by his confession or will she fulfill his every forbidden desire?

Paige's Daddy Fantasy by A. Mayes Looking for a wild adventure, Paige flies to Vegas, and meeting a handsome, older man within thirty minutes of her arrival, seduces him. Wanting to fulfill a fetish, Paige starts calling Dale daddy and loving the illusion, both embrace the incestuous relationship. Together, Paige and Dale have perverted sex with various partners, and falling in love, Paige continues fucking her daddy as his baby girl. Erin's Family Affair by A. Moving to the bedroom door, Erin sees her twins, Hunter and Summer fucking, and exited wakes her husband, Zac.

After attacking him, Erin tells Zac what she witnessed and convinces him to help her seduce the twins the next day. Together, Erin and Zac introduce Hunter and Summer to the joys of incest. Kristin's Awakening by A. Mayes Young and beautiful, Kristin lives with her wealthy dad, and giving in to her secret desires, she seduces him on her twenty second birthday. The result was that population levels remained stabile for tens of thousands of years. The only exceptions to tightly controlled sexual behavior happened during territorial disputes with neighboring clans.

Nevertheless, even the tabooists do not deny that eroticism played a very important role among primitive man. They believe, however, that instead of constantly mating, Stone Age man tamed and "sublimated" his sexual desires, transforming them into art. And there is new evidence to support this theory: the famously buxom "Venus statuettes" from the Paleolithic.

This cult was started 35, years ago among the first modern humans who advanced into a then cold Europe. They had hardly arrived on the European continent before they invented sculpture. Soon, love-stricken stonemasons began carving and hammering out nude and anatomically-correct figurines. More than Venus statuettes are known today -- all of them plump beauties with ample hips and what would now qualify as double D cups. Some wear armbands or belts, further emphasizing their nakedness. The statues were long considered the equivalent of pin-up girls.

Rudolf Feustel, a historian specializing in the prehistoric age, concluded that the artists' goal was to stimulate "raw animal lust. This kind of evidence is practically tailor-made for the socio-biologists, who say that these sculptures prove just how uninhibited life around the campfire used to be. But were these Rubenesque dolls really made for pornographic purposes? New studies suggest that the women depicted in the figurines were not merely plump, but pregnant.

The Venus of Monpazier, France, has an opened vulva. In another figure, the stomach is arched downward and a small object appears to be emerging from the womb -- the moment of birth. In other words, instead of intending to elicit arousal, the statuettes were apparently objects of worship, earth mothers, symbols of fertility and creators of life. The sculptures are highly detailed. Some even have pubic hair, curly coiffeurs and large navels -- Ice Age masterpieces.

DPA Much is known about how Neanderthals hunted. But what were their sex-lives like? Aside from the act of procreation itself, the men appeared to be uninvolved in the process, which only enhanced their reverence for mothers. The whole thing, says Cook, had nothing to do with lust. But soon the men did become involved. The Venus cult came to an end about 20, years ago, to be replaced by a new motif, that of "mixed images," a term that refers to the mixed portrayal of male and female genitalia. The walls of the La Marche cave in western France are literally blanketed with erotic images, 14,year-old drawings reminiscent of the Kamasutra.

One image of a head plunging between a woman's thighs seems to portray oral sex. Another shows a standing couple, their bodies entwined, while the man's penis penetrates his partner. But these graffiti-like images can hardly be seen as proof of unbridled love in the Paleolithic Age. They are scribbled onto the walls of the cave with little skill and are reminiscent of bathroom graffiti, almost as if a lonely Fred Flintstone had etched out his erotic fantasies with a primitive chisel. But these cave drawings are still tremendously important.