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Bodabukala Artists Forming and view of sankaranthi festival sembaliqe

Images contain degrees of horizontal view a full wrap-around and degrees of vertical view from straight up to straight down. The streetview mode provides a viewer that renders the resulting panorama as a sphere with a camera at its center. You can manipulate the camera to control the zoom and the orientation of the camera.

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The API will display the panorama photographed closest to this location. Because Street View imagery is periodically refreshed, and photographs may be taken from slightly different positions each time, it's possible that your location may snap to a different panorama when imagery is updated. If you specify a pano you may also specify a location. Positive values will angle the camera up, while negative values will angle the camera down.

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For example, an image taken on a hill will likely exhibit a default pitch that is not horizontal. When dealing with a fixed-size viewport the field of view is can be considered the zoom level, with smaller numbers indicating a higher level of zoom.

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By default, visitors will see UI elements in their own language. Accepts a region code specified as a two-character ccTLD top-level domain value. Search mode displays results for a search across the visible map region.

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It accepts a comma-separated latitude and longitude value such as Accepted values range from 0 the whole world to 21 individual buildings. The finite element models are interrogated to provide the values of major and minor principal stresses in and around the mapped failure zone. Failure and stable points are then compared to the rock mass strength envelope s of Hawkesbury Sandstone derived using the Hoek-Brown criterion and spalling criteria.


Stress induced failures of rock masses are fortunately rare in civil tunnelling. However, when they occur they provide an opportunity to calibrate an assumed rock mass strength criterion. This paper compares an estimate of rock mass strength for the Hawkesbury Sandstone with the following cases where stress induced failure occurred in tunnels excavated within Hawkesbury Sandstone. Two-dimensional finite element modelling is used to assess the likely magnitudes of the stresses present at the time of the failures.

The principal stresses are then compared to the assessed rock mass strength envelope s of Hawkesbury Sandstone derived using the Hoek-Brown criterion Hoek et al. Log in to your subscription Username.

ALMA Provides Detailed View of Very Distant Star-Forming Galaxy

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