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Eldridge is something he never outlived, or wished to.

Sometimes 'there is a tremor of light, as of a bird crossing the sun's path, and I look up in recognition of a presence in absence' LCP The latter day hegemony of the machine, and man's alienation in a world obsessed with technological progress, remains a burning theme in R. Thomas' late work. First, 'the tractor invaded the age-old quietness of the land' LCP Soon, scientists agree the 'myth of their equations' LCP Despite the cataclysm of two world wars 'we talked peace, and brought our arms up to date' LCP Describing himself as a ' The image of the split nucleus feeds lines such as: 'The scientist brings his lenses to bear and unity is fragmented' LCP Ultimately the machine voices its request 'not for humanity's head but its heart on a platter' LCP However, while regretting this, R.

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Thomas, man and poet, resists despair and escapes disillusionment: 'Let the space probes continue. I have a different distant to travel' LCP The distance travelled is along a path where the poet encounters faith, a positive, and its fellow negative. In an early image, 'the clouds towered. Their shape was prophetic, but there were no prophets' LCP In the poem 'Tidal' he continues: 'The waves run up the shore and fall back. | Collected Later Poems | | R. S. Thomas | Boeken

I run up the approaches of God and fall back' LCP At times, the negative dominates: 'You, the bridge builder, will you lay me down a causeway between us over the gulf I have come to? The poet extracts an idiom from the quarry of contemporary thought , and, deviously, bolsters faith with the language of empiricism.

Thus, in 'Nuance' we read: 'Reality is composed of waves and particles We must not despair.

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To pray, perhaps, is to have a part in an infinitesimal deflection' LCP In the work of R. Thomas, there is little room for idle lyricism. The beauty of the flower, for example, is not something which needs to be re-affirmed. Rather than its shape or colour, its smell is significant: 'I take my place by a lily-flower, believing Its smell, and also its strength: 'I have watched the tendrils of flowers with less strength than a child's fingers opening the hard rock' LCP Also, moments of simple sensual beauty, while uncommon, are not absent from R.

Thomas' work: 'The archer with time as his arrow - has he broken his strings that the rainbow is so quiet over our village? Nature in R. Thomas' work, a multifaceted manifestation of divinity, is a thing he chooses to dwell close to. However, shepherd of rural flocks in Manafon, Eglwys Fach and Aberdaron, the poet sometimes yearns for higher things: 'Imaginary congregations in enlightened parishes hovered above the heads of his peasants.

But the fields were too strong.

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The woods were holier than a cathedral' LCP Welsh-speaking and nationalist, author of What is a Welshman? Thomas, in his late work, returns occasionally to a theme predominant in his mid-career writing. He states: 'We are the lost people The wind blows through our castles; the chair of poetry is without a tenant.

We are exiles within our own country' LCP And: 'I was shown the fact: a people with a language and an inheritance for sale; their skies noisy with armed aircraft' LCP His words go beyond the national context: ' War and consumerism, hand in hand, disgust him: 'Beyond this room are the arid sluices through which cash pours and the heart desiccates, watching it pass' LCP Words in a similar vein are: ' In his later poetry, R.

Lucille Clifton talks of her books of poems, including "Good Times"

Thomas comments on the medium in which he makes his work. Our Spring Reading Guide is now in-store!

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Review : 'Like Yeats, Thomas has produced his most powerful work in his old age - reminds me of Beethoven's last quartets in its fearless exploration of the mysteries of life and death - He is the first great poet since the Metaphysicals of the 17th century to draw his images from the science of his day' Denis Healey "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title.

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