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More filters. Sort order. Aug 05, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , made-me-cry. Caesar and Louise meet and fall in love in Sicily when heroine is only 18 years old. After their one night together heroine is left pregnant and alone. Back to England she is rejected by her parents because of the shame she has brought them. She faces the stigma of single parenthood and she is scorned by society. She raises her son all alone and 10 years later she is back in Sicily. Hero and heroine meet again and he discovers he is the father of her son.

Now he is determined to marry her and fi Caesar and Louise meet and fall in love in Sicily when heroine is only 18 years old. Now he is determined to marry her and finally redeem himself. This story is deeply moving! Caesar carries a lot of guilt and pain. He feels hollow without Louise in his life. When she needed his help and support he abandoned her and fed her to the wolves. He needs her forgiveness desperately but he realizes he also needs her love. Louise is a saint. She has dedicated her life to her son. She is incredibly classy, brave and strong.

Still, her bad childhood has left her insecure and needy. She is afraid to trust and let Caesar in again. Watching these two reconnect, forgive and forget is an amazing journey. Loved the angst, the passion, the drama and the heartwarming epilogue! View all 17 comments. She was an instinctive writer, incredibly fast and prolific, and her number one priority was for her readers to enjoy her books.

She bravely carried on writing throughout her illness, not telling her editors or indeed many of her friends that she was sick, as she did not want to be defined by her illness. How I adored her alpha Heroes and innocent heroines! Reading her older novels so many years later with a more cynical eye, I still get transported and sometimes horrified though mostly entertained by some its trainwreckiness : Admittedly 5 star is a biased rating but I do remember reading it a few years back without knowing it was her last book and counted it as one of my favorites. Re-reading it recently knowing the circumstances under which she wrote was a little rough.

I recommend PJ fans to brace yourselves if you decide to read it, I could barely keep it together or write the review so I'm glad KC has saved me the trouble and wrote the perfect review detailing everything. View all 12 comments. Jun 23, StMargarets rated it it was ok Shelves: angst-by-injustice , author-penny-jordan , harlequin-presents , second-chance , secret-baby , angst-by-mommy-daddy-issues , one-night-stand.

Rinse, repeat. Over and over. In their thoughts. In flashbacks. In present day conversation. We get it — two wrongs made a baby. A wedding ten years later and comfort in a thunderstorm made it right. I really think this could have been pruned down to novella length for more impact. View 2 comments. Jun 04, Dee rated it really liked it Shelves: harlequin , arc-netgalley , arc-reviewed-netgalley , hp-challenge , harlequin-presents. It is very sad that there will not be any new titles from Penny but wish that she rests in peace, and my sincerest condolences go to her family and friends.

This had a slow and confusing start, several times I had to stop and try and process what I had read. I will be honest and say I was s 3. I will be honest and say I was sorely tempted to throw in the towel and give up but I pushed on and was glad that I did. This is a classic Harlequin Presents in that it was full of unrequited love, misunderstandings and heartbreak, all of which Ms Jordan was the mistress of, and she will be sorely missed by all Harlequin readers.

ARC supplied by Harlequin via Netgalley It's not until the reader is given insight into Caesar and Louise's shared past, and the circumstances shaping their psyches, that the story reaches an emotional stride. Both Louise and Caesar were so well-drawn that I couldn't help but sympathize with them. I especially felt for Louise who, starved of her father's 3. I especially felt for Louise who, starved of her father's love, sought to catch his attention in any way she could. Her father's rejection was cruel, but what was doubly cruel was being publicly rejected by the man she'd fallen in love with, Caesar.

They came from different worlds socially and economically, but their statuses as orphans gave them a shared connection, or at least it could have. In Caesar's case, his parents died when he was a young boy but not before instilling in him a strong sense of duty and responsibility. With Louise, her parents first abandoned her emotionally and then physically to her grandparents. What is notable is how they both reacted to this deprivation. Louise rebelled, seeking attention from boys, whereas Caesar conformed, seeking acceptance by adhering to proper behavior fitting his aristocratic lineage.

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Not surprisingly then it's Louise who pursued her feelings for Caesar with abandonment. In contrast, Caesar lacked the same courage and denied any feelings he felt for Louise. This caused them to both pay a price: Louise never pursued another romantic relationship again, while Caesar lived with guilt and regret. So I was happy to see Louise finally finding the love she'd always wanted, and happy to see Caesar redeeming himself with his actions and acknowledging the love he felt for Louise view spoiler [and their child hide spoiler ].

I especially liked how proud and protective Caesar became of Louise as the story progressed the kind of loving attitude she'd never received from her parents. Their Happily Ever After was definitely a satisfying one! View all 8 comments.

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May 08, Tia rated it really liked it. The hero and heroine met when the heroine was only eighteen.

Mills & Boon / Modern / The Secret Spanish Love Child

After being neglected by her mother and father, she was doing bad things to get attention from her dad. Only it backfired when she met the hero and spent the night with him, giving him a precious gift, her virginity. When it was found out, she had brought shame to her whole family. But the hero did give her a gift, just one she didn't know about yet.. A pregnancy, her son! Move forward almost ten years and the hero and heroine meet aga The hero and heroine met when the heroine was only eighteen.

Move forward almost ten years and the hero and heroine meet again. Only this time the hero is well aware of the possibility of her son, also being equally his. Now he's determined to have a DNA test and when it comes back positive, he knows he must do the right thing and marry her. Now he's learning everything he thought, his judgments and scorn, were wrong. His heroine is an amazing woman and all those years ago, he was in the wrong. This is Penny Jordan's last book, ever. She was an amazing author and will always remain in my heart. She is also one of my favorite authors, ever!

Once again and for the last time, her book has been brought to life through her characters and the emotions portrayed through them. I enjoyed this book and found it to be a great work of art. I will miss you Penny, you blessed us with amazing books, creative imagination, wondrous and enlightening emotions. Maybe your second life be as good as your first! Jul 13, Aou rated it really liked it Shelves: second-chance , virgin-h , angst.

As my friend Jenny said, it was a bittersweet re-union story. I had to work myself up to read this book. She proves, in this book, that she is truly a master at weaving a deep and fulfilling romance into a wonderfully deep story.

Mills & Boon / Modern / The Secret Spanish Love Child -

When it comes to story flow and descriptive writing she really can't be beaten. Yes, she's overly f 3. Yes, she's overly fond of metaphors, but somehow she makes it work. This book, for me, didn't get off to a great start. The hero and heroine spent a lot of time in their own heads, there was hardly any dialogue between them, and a lot of backstory was given with only alludes to what happened between the characters in the past. As a result the pace felt very stilted, and the story dragged as it waffled along.

For the first thirty pages or so I had no idea what was going on! But, the last half of this book is beautiful. It wasn't an easy journey. The story itself is a little old fashioned, especially with all the 'shame' parts, but that kind of adds another layer of charm to this book.

Not many authors would be able to pull this off, but Penny Jordan did. A great book, but a little melancholic to read. RIP Penny.

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Jun 05, Jacqueline J rated it liked it Shelves: zhp-challenge , harlequin-presents , fertility-issues , 2nd-chance-at-love , harlequin , contemporary-romance , forced-arranged-convenient-marriage , secret-baby , netgalley. A decent enough story. This was pretty slow moving and was mostly introspection as both the hero and the heroine spent enormous amounts of time in their own heads thinking stuff over.

Very little actually happened in the book. And I did enjoy that they were both around the same age and were much more mature when reuniting than is usually the case with HPs. I received thi A decent enough story. I received this free from netGalley for review. Everything a Presents should be. Apr 15, iamGamz rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-fiction , angst-angst-angst , harlequin-mills-boon. From the very first paragraph this book throws you into its drama and keeps you there. The tension between the h and H is palpable. You don't know their history, but you know it's there, hidden by the politeness, and it's intense.

As the story slowly unfolds you learn the history and realize that the h has been abandoned by the people who are supposed to love her. Her search for love and acceptance led her to make mistakes, the biggest with the H. The H was young and arrogant. He way he treated From the very first paragraph this book throws you into its drama and keeps you there. He way he treated the h after being with her made me dislike him. Even 10 years later when they met each other again and he learned that he was a father, he still treated the h with disdain. It was great to see the H humbled as the H's real life was revealed to him.

It made him realize the damage her did to her and how strong she is to rise above it all and become the women and mother that she is. This is a book that I can highly recommend. It is emotional and at times heart breaking to read, and it absolutely wonderful. Dec 12, Penny Watson added it Shelves: favorite-hps , 2nd-chance-romance , long-separation. This is an odd book. If you remove the pages and pages of psychoanalysis about how the heroine is trying to attract her father's attention by being "bad"--and this concept is repeated so many times it's like being hit over the head with a cast-iron skillet times until you get a severe concussion and need to be hospitalized--there is not much left to the book.

Most of the book is a convoluted backstory. However, the story that is hidden in all of this stuff is actually pretty sweet.

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Not sure ho This is an odd book. Not sure how to rate it. If I re-read this one again, I will skip all of the backstory and psycho babble. View 1 comment. This is the last ever book from Penny Jordan for Harlequin Mills and Boon and as such, I wanted to save it for a special occasion - therefore, I waited until I was on holiday from the call centre to savour it, and this one did not disappoint at all. This is the story of Louise, a former wild child who has had a bit of a holiday fling with Caesar in the past and paid the price for it.

Not only does she feel that she has brought shame on her admittedly, rather old-fashioned family but she also f This is the last ever book from Penny Jordan for Harlequin Mills and Boon and as such, I wanted to save it for a special occasion - therefore, I waited until I was on holiday from the call centre to savour it, and this one did not disappoint at all. Not only does she feel that she has brought shame on her admittedly, rather old-fashioned family but she also feels that she has destroyed any chance of finding love again and has therefore lived a much quieter, sensible life since falling pregnant with her son during a one-night stand with Caesar.

The story takes time to develop in this one, but it's so very romantic, and I just loved every minute of it. I so enjoyed this one - it really showed how Jordan developed as a writer as I really do think this final offering was one of her finest novels to date, with some lovely romantic writing and a truly believeable heroine the hero isn't that believeable, but let's face it, it's a Mills and Boon; he's not going to be, is he? Louise says of him at one point: "Caesar cast a powerful spell around her that robbed her of the ability to think straight.

I've got to say, going into Tesco has that effect on me, and it's not always a pleasant feeling! However, I loved this book. It really was worth the wait and I'm glad I saved it for a time when I could really concentrate on it and enjoy it i. Definitely recommended for all Penny Jordan fans everywhere who will, like me, really miss her work. Feb 07, Nicola Davidson rated it did not like it.

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Not sure what happened with this book, because Penny Jordan's are usually pretty good. Was oddly written, with an extremely high amount of inner monologue that made it often read like a textbook. The first chapter was quite confusing, right up until the last line where suddenly you got a glimmer of what Caesar and Louise's conflict was.

But then everything is resolved quickly and without any fuss or angst at all, so no escalating stakes to speak of. Very disappointing. Really sad this was her last Not sure what happened with this book, because Penny Jordan's are usually pretty good. Really sad this was her last book, because she wrote some classic categories. Jun 21, Widala rated it liked it.

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It's what I call a brooding book, where the characters spend a lot of time narrating their feelings and thoughts, and not so much dialogues. The up side of these kinds of books is we get to know what's inside the characters minds. But the down side is if the author not careful it can get a bit boring. For me at least. But it's a nice book with lovable characters and the ending is very touching.

RIP Penny Jordan. Jun 28, LIA Kh. I always enjoyed the books by penny. She had this kind of drama queen story style in every her books. And yap I just love it. This one, the beginning is okay and I really really into it, but the ending was kind of disappointing. Wish they go bald. Just couldn't get into it - the first chapters had only about three sentences of dialogue hidden amongst pages and pages and pages of backstory and repetitive internal angst.

Jan 22, Hannah Fielding rated it it was amazing. But first she must get permission from the local patronne, Caesar, which opens a whole can of worms, given that the last time she saw Caesar she was a rebellious teenager who slept with him, was rejected and then disappeared to secretly bear his child. Product Category : Books.

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